The program of the conference is online.

The Book Of Abstracts can be found here in PDF form.

Informations about shuttle schedule.


What is PICOF ?

PICOF (Problèmes Inverses, Contrôle et Optimisation de Formes) is a bi-annual international scientific conference which assembles senior researchers and scientists as well as a number of young researchers dealing with mathematical and numerical problems in the fields of inverse problems, control and shape optimization. It aims to gather the community of researchers in academia and industry working in these three fields.

The conference will be held at Hotel El Mouradi (Hammamet).

PICOF previous editions

PICOF has already been held twice in Carthage (Tunisia) in 1998 and 2002, once in Nice (France) in 2006, once in Marrakech (Marocco) in 2008, once in Cartagena (Spain) in 2010 and once in Palaiseau (France) in 2012.