The solution of inverse problems, as well as those of controle and shape optimization, is no longer a matter of high tech industrial applications only. Thanks to the devlopment of computation capabilities, it has become of common use in applications such as non destructive testing, control of industrial processes, identification of parameters, medical imaging, industrial design, etc. Scientists interested in these topics are coming from mathematical, engineering and scientific computation backgrounds, as well as from various applications fields. Designing fast algorithms to solve such problems is one of their major concerns.

The first International Conference on Inverse Problems, Control and shape Optimization (IPCSO'98) was held in Carthage (Tunisia) in April 1998. It was organized by ENIT, INRIA and UTC. More than 80 participants attended, including 30 invited speakers. Some of the questions discussed during the conference have given place to the release of a special section in the "Inverse Problems" journal (vol 15, nr 1, february 1999). Besides, the conference allowed the local organizing team to establish new international links, some of them having already given birth to steady cooperations.

this succes has drawn the organizers to propose a second edition, to be held in the same wonderful place, the "Palais de Beït El Hikma" that shlters the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts? PICOF'02 is expected to gather 150 participants, including around 50 invited speakers.

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