Numerical Mathematics and Applications to Some Challenging Problems

ENIT LAMSIN, Tunis, Tunisia. June 20-22,2011


Name Title
Azaiez M Improvements on open and traction boundary conditions for Goda time splitting algorithm
B. Hassen F Point sources in inverse scattering theory
B.Belgacem F Identifiablity of pointwise sources for  a semi-linear reaction diffusion equation. 
Belhachmi Z Regularisation lineaire et non lineaire en vision par ordinateur.
Bernardi C Optimisation du parametre de penalisation pour la discretisation par elements spectraux du probleme de Stokes.
Blouza A Some questions on shell finite element approximation
Canuto C BDDC and ASM Preconditioning of Spectral/hp DG Methods
Chen M Theoretical and numerical investigation of three-dimensional water waves 
Deville M Spectral element simulation of the 3D flow on a cylinder in between lateral walls.
Hassine M Fluid flow design optimization using topological sensitivity analysis method
Kaber S.M Parallel in time algorithms
Masmoudi M The vault method
Moakhar M A Slepian Framework for a Local Point-Mass Model of the Gravity Field
Mortazavi I A vortex penalization method for flows with moving obstacles
Palomo A Thermal characterization of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials using SVD techniques 
Rousseau A Quasi-hydrostatic ocean models
Shen I Phase-field models for multiphase complex fluids: modeling, numerical analysis and simulations
Touihri R Méthode spectrale pour un écoulement de Darcy
Vincent S High order penalty and interface tracking methods for incompressible multiphase flows