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Improving parallel extended Kalman based equalization by unscenbted transform
Auteurs : AMARA Rim,
Annales des Télécommunications 2004, 59, 304-324
Adaptive digital/RF predistortion using a nonuniform LUT indexing function with built-in dependence on the amplifier nonlinearity
Auteurs : S Boumaiza, J Li, M Jaidane-Saidane, FM Ghannouchi
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Technology Transactions 2004, 52, 2670-2677
Nonlinear Audio Systems Identification Through Audio Input Gaussianization
Auteurs : I. Marrakchi-Mezghani, G. Mahé, S. Djaziri-Larbi, M. Turki-Hadj Alouane, M. Jaïdane-Saïdane
IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech and Language Processing 2014, 22,
A blind digital audio watermarking scheme based on EMD and UISA techniques
Auteurs : TURKI Monia, DJAZIRI-LARBI Sonia, El Hamdouni N., Adib A., Djaziri Larbi A., Turki M.
Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer 2012,
Audio Watermarking: A Way to Stationnarize Audio Signals
Auteurs : Djaziri-Larbi S., Jaïdane M.
IEEE Trans. Signal Processing 2005, 53,
Le codeur MPEG-2 AAC expliqué aux traiteurs de signaux
Auteurs : Derrien O. , Djaziri Larbi S., Gomez L. de T., Moreau N.
Les annales des Télécommunications, Springer 2000, 55,
Distribution of resting cysts of the potentially toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax in recently-deposited sediment within Bizerte Lagoon (Mediterranean coast, Tunisia)
Auteurs : H. Zmerli Trikia, O. Kéfi Daly-Yahiaa, D. Malouche, Y. Komihaa, A. Deidunc, M. Brahimd, M. laabire
Marine Pollution Bulletin 2014,
Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of virgin olive oils in relation to cultivar, extraction system and storage conditions
Auteurs : K. Ben-Hassine, , A. Taamalli, S.Ferchichi, A. Mlaouah, C. Benincasa, E. Romano, G. Flamini, A. Lazzez, N. Grati-kamoun, E. Perrih, D. Malouche, M. Hammami
Food Research International 2013, 54,
Comparison of radiograph-based texture analysis and bone mineral density with three-dimensional microarchitecture of trabecular bone
Auteurs : Ranjanomennahary, P.; Ghalila, S. Sevestre; Malouche, D.; Marchadier, A.; Rachidi, M.; Benhamou, Cl.; Chappard, C
Medical Physics 2011, 38,
Covariance Gaussian Faithful Trees
Auteurs : DJAZIRI-LARBI Sonia, BENAZOUZ Zouhour, D. Malouche, B. Rajaratnan, , POGGI J.M
Journal of Probability and Statistics 2011,
Consumer discrimination of Chemlali and Arbequina olive oil cultivars according to their cultivar geographical origins and processing systems
Auteurs : K. Ben Hassine, M. El Riachy, A. Taamalli, D. Malouche, M. Ayadi, K. Talmoudi, M. Aouini, Y. Jlassi, C. Benincasa, E. Romano, E. Perri, A.Kiristakis, N. Grati-Kammoun, M. Hammami
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 2013,
Influence of variety, geographical site and extraction system on virgin olive oil (voo) linoleic acid composition and its impact on consumer preference
Auteurs : "Kaouther Ben Hassine, Amani Taamalli, Dhafer Malouche, Naziha Kammoun, Aida Lazzez, Cinzia Benincasa, Giovanni Sindona, Enzo Perri, Mohamed Hammami, Mohamed Bouaziz,"
Linoleic Acids: Sources, Biochemical Properties and Health Effects 2012,
Graphical Model Selection using Holm’s procedure
Auteurs : D. Malouche
Communications in Statistics, Theory and Methods 2009, 38,
Determining full conditional independence by low order conditioning
Auteurs : D. Malouche
Bernoulli 2009,
A Property of Count Distributions in the Hinde-Demétrio Family
Auteurs : C.C. Koknendji and D. Malouche
Communications in Statistics, Theory and Methods 2008,
Tunisian Revolution Is Work in Progress
Auteurs : L. Benstead, E. Lust and D. Malouche
YaleGlobal Online 2013,
Tunisians frustrated but engaged
Auteurs : L. Benstead, E. Lust and D. Malouche
Foreign Policy 2012,
Islamists Aren’t the Obstacle How to Build Democracy in Egypt and Tunisia
Auteurs : L. Benstead, E. Lust, D. Malouche, G. Soltan, and J. Wichmann
Foreign Affairs 2013,
Winners and Losers After Arab Spring
Auteurs : L. Benstead, E. Lust, D. Malouche, G. Soltan, and J. Wichmann
YaleGlobal 2013,
AAL: Intelligible City for All: Evaluation of ecological intelligibility test for normal hearing and hearing impaired adults in railway station context
Auteurs : Y. Mzah, N. El Haouij, N. Mechergui, A. Ben Jemaa, M. Jaïdane, S. Larbi, S. Ghalila, D. Malouche, K. Lecoz, Y. Belouard, C. Mercier, J. Hajjam, A. Brescia
Int. Workshop Speech In Noise (SpiN) 2014,